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Package together a Times Square area hotel in New York City with a great room rate and get a 5% cash back rebate. Select from our suggested hotels all designed to be a short walk from Broadway shows or create your own New York vacation package deal. These represent some of the most popular hotels in the Broadway neighborhood. Enjoy some package deal restaurants right inside your hotel. In addition to the 5% hotel savings, Broadway ticket coupon for 5% off and a $25 restaurant certificate you won’t even need cab fare as you stroll between your hotel, Broadway show and restaurant. Fill out the easy online rebate form and your hotel rebate will arrive in the mail a few weeks after your trip.
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Broadway Hotel, Ticket And Restaurant Package Deals How It Works FAQ

We offer a 125% Money Back Guarantee

Q. Do I need to book both a hotel and tickets to get the restaurant coupon?
A. No, either a hotel booking or a ticket purchase earns you the restaurant coupon.

Q. Do I need to book both a hotel and tickets to use the BPACK5 discount ticket code?
A. No, you are welcome to use that discount ticket code for any Broadway show or other tickets wihtout booking a hotel or taking advatage of the restaurant deal.

Q. Do I need to make my package only from the hotels, Broadway shows and restaurants suggested?
A. No, you may select any hotel; we offer just about every one available. Our ticket selection includes most major events, but you may not find small off the beaten track productions. Restaurants include only those who elected to participate in the offers associated with our package deals.

Q. What is the exact procedure for getting the package deal?
A. First book your hotel or buy your tickets or look for a restaurant, you may do this in either order. Return to the main package site to complete the next leg of your package depending on what you elected to do first. Once you booked your hotel, purchased your tickets or both and selected a restaurant you proceed to the rebate page. You must return to our Broadway Ticket page between each step.

Q. Do I need to book the hotel and get the tickets and the restaurant discount coupon all at the same time?
A. No, you may start with either the tickets or the hotel, get them at different times and as long as you bought at least either the hotel or the tickets with us you may select a restaurant certificate, which you can get at the same time or up to 90 days after your stay.

Q. What happens if I skip the rebate page?
A. You will not get the hotel extra rebate or the restaurant coupon, you need to use the rebate form for that part of the package deal.

Q. How do I get the discount on the tickets and where do I enter the discount code?
A. Use the coupon code when you buy the tickets. Enter the code just under the field for your credit card security code in the box that says “Discount Code”, use the code BPACK5 in either upper case or lower case. The ticket price will adjust to reflect the special offer.

Q. Do I need to mail anything?
A. No, fill out the rebate form online you do not need to print the form or mail anything.

Q. Can I get my package deal by phone?
A. We will be happy to help with everything including taking care of the extra benefit form if you call Financial Firebird at 1-800-351-3301 M-Th 9-6 and Fri 9-5 EST.

Q. When do I get my restaurant certificate?
A. If you booked a hotel as a part of your package the restaurant certificate gets faxed to the hotel and should be delivered to you upon check in. Specifically ask for the fax if they forget to deliver it to you. If you did not book a hotel your restaurant certificate will be emailed and you can print it yourself.

Q. How far in advance to I need to set up my discount package to be sure I get the restaurant certificate in time for my trip?
A. Two or three business days would be best, if you think it could be tight timing call us and be sure we can meet your trip schedule needs.

Q. If I am buying tickets for a show just a few days away, or even for the same day, how does that work?
A. Either look specifically for tickets marked for email delivery or find tickets with other delivery options in addition to Standard Delivery. In some cases next day air service can solve the time issue or in other cases you may be able to pick up the tickets near the venue.

Q. When they offer to let me pick up the tickets near the venue for the event how can I find out exactly where the pick up spot might be will be so I know if it will be close enough?
A. You may call 866-459-9233, tell them you are calling from Ticket-Broadway.com and the exact venue, show dates and seats you are interested in.

Q. Pick up near the venue sounds funny to me, what do I do when that is the only option offered for the tickets I want?
A. You can try the number above to see if there are other options or choose other nearby seats. Tickets come from various parties and you will find different seats often come with different delivery options.

Q. I never heard of email delivery, how does that work?
A. You can buy your tickets online, receive them via email and print them on your home printer. They may not look like typical tickets, but they contain the needed bar codes and the venue will accept them as if they were printed and issued right at the box office.

Q. When do I get my hotel rebate?
A. Figure that process takes 6-8 weeks; you will get a check via regular US mail.

Q. Why did you choose those hotels to feature?
A. They represented the most popular hotels in the Broadway – Times Square area.

Q. What made you select those Broadway shows to highlight?
A. Shows made our list because they represented the most sought after based on either internet searches or ticket sales. Note most of the selected shows represent sold out performances if you were to call the box offices for the shows.

Q. Why did you select those restaurants?
A. Only certain restaurants in New York City chose to participate in the offers, we selected the participating restaurants walking distance to the hotels and Broadway theatres.

Q. May I use this system to create a package deal for myself in another part of New York City?
A. Sure, you may even use it to make a package anywhere in the world.

Q. What if I can’t find a restaurant I like or I’m making a package in a part of New York City or the world where you do not offer a participating restaurant?
A. You may select a restaurant near your home town or the destination of another trip. In those cases we email the restaurant certificate a few weeks after the trip where you earned the package discounts.

Q. How do I know this is a legitimate offer?
A. In addition to Financial Firebird our corporate parent, the hotel reservations provider, ticket system, and restaurant group who came together for this Broadway Hotel, tickets and restaurant package deal all stand as accredited members of independent consumer protection groups as well as local or industry organizations..

Q. How do I get my tickets delivered?
A. It depends on what you select when you buy your tickets. You may get them mailed, shipped next day, pick them up at the box office or sometimes even print them yourself.

Q. How are your prices compared to other outlets?
A. Our prices should be the same or better than anywhere else you can find before the rebates and package discounts. Once you figure in the discount deals and rebates you should end up with a great package deal. If you find anything that represents a better value let us know and we will see if we can beat it.

Q. Where can I call if I have more questions or a problem along the way?
A. We will be happy to help call Financial Firebird at 1-800-351-3301 M-Th 9-9 and Fri 9-5 EST.

Need help with Broadway hotel booking options, making New York City room reservations, buying show tickets, event tickets or finding restaurants? Call Financial Firebird at 1-800-351-3301 (M-Th) 9-9 (F) 9-5 EST. We will be happy to answer questions, help with hotel selection, ticket choices, dinner options and even take care of all discount reservations and rebates for your trip over the telephone.

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